Saturday, December 20, 2008

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Month in Photos...along with

Hello to all!! So I have been quite a busy bee lately and have had no time for updates....So sorry, but here we go! I'm now in my 3rd month of school and feel stressed, but it's a good stress... I am in a trying to find some sort of balance and routine in my life phase in my life right now....and to most that know me know that it is NOT an easy task... I am not what you would call organized, anal, pulled together....I'm more of can I put it...a "free spirit really" just the biggest procrastinator in EVERY WAY I CAN POSSIBLY's a flaw, a really big one! I absolutely detest that about myself, so I am really trying to turn that part of me around, for those that are not that way( I know what you are thinking, " What's the big deal...if you have something that needs to be done...get it done" and as easy as that sounds, it's so not!.. I really think that I have some sort of attention span issue, I go from cleaning, to laundy, to working out, to studying, to cooking, to researching stuff for school, to enjoying time with hubby.....and at the end of the day I'm exhausted, my house is a mess, I have nothing to wear, I've gained 5 lbs., I feel unprepared for my test, we end up eating sandwiches for dinner, I have no fundraising ideas, and my husband has gone to bed feeling a bit neglected..(AND WE DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS YET) I's a BIG flaw....but I'm trying to really focus and take it one thing at a time....So any suggestions that anyone has for shaking this very disturbing habit....fill me do you do it? Here are some pics of the highlights of the last couple of weeks and I will try to keep this up....

Halloween 2008 So much fun!

Me and my sweet friend Casey! Best Witches in any room!

Rockin it!

My sweet friend Kristy's graduation...
We had an absolute BLAST... I love my girls!

Anyway.... I have been tagged and thanks to my fabulous OCD Bride to Be (Miss Lowry)...I have to share 7 random facts about myself ....hmmmm...let me see...

1.) I'm a HUGE procrastinator .....(lol...SURPRISE) it's a trait that I'm slowly hoping to rid myself of!!

2.) I too have a weird chicken thing....I can't eat chicken on the bone....I know that is sooo odd, but it totally grosses me out... Scott has to peel it off (with no fat or veins)

3.) I will not use bar soap...I hate the slimy texture, and can't seem to hold on to it...I hate it, but my liquid soap HAS TO BE milky and moisturizing, I don't like it when it is more like a gel...?? yes I'm weird..

4.) I'm a salty sweet fanatic....Anything salty sweet (french fries dipped in frosty's, choc chex mix, brownies and cheese (not melted on just followed by) etc...I'm obsessed with cheese..I eat it with everything...

5.) I mute commercials.... all the time..They totally annoy me! Scott absolutely can't stand it! I just don't see the point...most of them a stupid and are a complete waste of my time..

6.) (According to my husband) I never take the end of ANYTHING.... example, if there is a cup of milk left in the jug and a new jug is next to it...I open the new with bread, toothpaste, soap, don't know why I do that, and don't really think that I do, but if he says so... I also will not eat anything even remotely close to being out of date....Sell by date does not apply for me...that is my Eat by

7.) I can be a bit indecisive...(another one from the hubby)...but usually that is only on restaurant decisions...I think...I never know what sounds good...

Okay so there is some insight into my quirky side...

Thanks Stace that was fun...So much in fact that you have Scott,now running down my list of things that annoy just keep telling him to zip it!!! It's not the "Everything that annoys you list, or things that you like in the bedroom list..." What a typical
SOOOO......I will tag....
Hailey Lada
Kristi Fortenberry
Noelle Donaldson
Michelle Methvin

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...ooohhoooohhh all...yes I have been a bad things are going so great!! I have started school and love it! I colored my first client the other day and was a nervous wreck!! She was so brave and very supportive....luckily it turned out AWESOME! I also got a little color happy and the results are in! Everybody loves it but the hubby...he is still riding the fence...You be the judge....

We finally got moved in and somewhat settled in our new place...It is so nice!! Unfortunately shopping for new deco for the townhouse is out of the question...but maybe after the holidays...Yes I said it...the HOLIDAYS....I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner!!! It is my favorite time of the year by far....For me it means time with friends and family, good food, a break from everyday life... I love the music, the lights, the smells..I think people often get caught up in the gifts and Santa, and forget the true meaning and spirit of the holiday... To me it's a time to reflect on the year, be thankful for all of God's blessings, and start fresh with new goals and aspirations.... I can't wait!!!! I have been itching to pop in my Christmas Cd's you think that it is still too early.....???..I have found myself wandering around the house singing White Christmas for over a week now...lool...Probably because I could not resist and watched the movie last weekend...but anywho! What can I say... I'm a Christmas

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tired but

So things have been so exciting and crazy lately.... I have quit my job, started school full time, in the process of moving....(argh!!!)...and about to possibly start a new job!!! Whew....I believe that is all.... School is sooo great!! I have made a ton of new friends and feel that I have finally found my niche!! It has definately had its challenging moments, but it is what I have wanted for so long... I feel so motivated and inspired...everyday means learning something new! I have taken some funny photos of me and the girls! I will get them posted soon...

The move is still underway...just 5 more days!!! I cannot wait... I do feel for my poor husband though!! We can't physically make the move until Wed....and he is going to be all by his prayers and good wishes are welcomed....That's all for now...but I will keep everyone posted!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

They will be missed...

New News!!!! I have decided to go through the entire Cosmetology program, instead of just the Esthetician course!! I have done some research in the field and think that it will be a better move for me career wise, soooo with that decision made- I am starting school at The Salon Professional Academy on Tues!!! It is a change from part time to full time school which means I have to leave a group that I love and pursue something else in the evenings and weekends (ugggh!)(I'm NOT looking forward to that, can you tell??) I will miss them all so much- and while I was stressing this decision, because I had to make it quickly, I am so appreciative to all the girls at Noggins, especially my boss, for being so understanding and supportive- I have enclosed some pics of our group and hope to stay in touch with all of them- We have become friends and I will miss them terribly!

As far as everything else goes- the moving plans are still under way! They laid the carpet and installed our appliances yesterday in the townhouse!!! Just two more weeks!!! They are doing all of the landscaping now, and it seems to really be coming together! We cannot wait!!!

I am trying to turn over a new leaf and embrace living here... I have been homesick for so long, but now - having the opportunity to FINALLY move into a place that we love, and being able to pursue some of my own personal goals, it has made life much happier- I know that probably seems silly to most.... and the quote of the day should be "happiness is what you make it" but I don't feel that is always the case- maybe I just haven't given it a shot- So after 4 years and alot of "hard knocks"- I am now slowly accepting the fact that this is home to hard as that is for me to say... I always felt like we existed here, but didn't live...simply because I had not allowed myself to create a life here- I thought that if I did- we would never get back to the "home" that we have always known and loved...What I didn't realize was that I was letting life pass me by, and wasted alot of precious time with my husband and daughter being depressed and selfish- So for my own sanity(and my husband's)- I can't do that anymore- I still would move back home in a minute, but for now- my life is here- and I plan on living it! Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tina Fey Rocks!

Tina Fey cracks me up! I am a Palin fan, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share..... The resemblance is uncanny!

Monday, September 8, 2008


As most of you now know we are moving in 3 weeks and even with what seems to be so much time to prepare....I have been so frustrated and overwhelmed! I'm still very excited and am just trying to make this next transition as smooth as possible and driving myself crazy in the process!! There is just so much left to do! Between transferring bills, packing and cleaning simultaniously, getting Madi for the weekend, working full time and having family in town....what's a girl to do??? I KNOW!!! LET'S HAVE A FLIPPIN MOVING SALE AND INVITE ALL THE NEIGHBORS!!! I have been in major fall cleaning mode and have decided that I just want to start over.,.... a whole new look for my brand new townhouse!!! "It will make packing and moving so much easier," I justified to anyone that would listen!! " I could sell it all and make some extra money for bills and moving expenses....and finally be rid of all the crap that you so desperately want me to" I said to my husband! He laughed and told me to "go go ahead and add one more thing to your list of duties, but when your top blows...give me fair warning!" ..." Deal!" I lovingly said...and set the plan in motion...I pulled out my planner and started making anyone that knows me.....I'm a true procrastinator...but this move want to be as organized and prepared as one could possibly be....So I made lists of when all bills were due, meetings that I have for school, the moving dates, Madi weekends, and set my moving sale dates perfectly....even with an extra weekend just in case of awful weather....I was proud of myself to say the least....and bragged about everything that I had done to my husband.....mocking him for giving me such a hard time!!!.This was easy...I wish that I was always this prepared!!! I don't know why I was so stressed...( By the way this was last weekend and my sale was planned for 2-3 weeks away....PLENTY OF TIME) So I go to work on Tues...telling all my girlfriends what I had done and felt so proud all week that things were right on schedule....THEN FRIDAY HITS.... My boss suggested that I have my sale this weekend, we are getting busier and this would be the best weekend for me to miss a Saturday to have my sale ...."ok" I thought....this might work out better..."get it out of the way, and spend the rest of the month focused on the move.." So I get home and start working...after a bit..I went upstairs to change into my "sweatin clothes," lay back on the bed in front of the fan to cool off and accidently fall a sleep....( in true Stacy fashion ) just to wake up 3 hrs later....PANIC SETS IN!!!!! I end up staying awake all night to prepare for the "great idea" and toothpick my eyes open the whole next day to work it! Needless to say- I walked with nearly $1000 so it wasn't all bad, but I am sooooo paying for it now!!! On top of that I found out that we owe the city $ 400, to live here...and the bill has been going to the wrong address....arggg!! So before we can transfer anything that has got to be taken care...Cha ching! Just one more thing to add to our very long list of moving expenses!!! My prayer at this point is that everything starts to run smoothly..... Otherwise I think I might just give all the Mom's that juggle with a baby on the hip and one in the get my applause....While I long so much for those days.....I think after this weekend I would be straight jacket poor husband.....he has his moments....but his patience is soooooo appreciated...without it, my exhausting and moody weekend could have been so much worse!

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